Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where are the Subcompacts these days?

When they started out together, the Honda Civic was just as small (if not smaller) than the Datsun 1200. Now look how big the Civic has become:

It's the same with all the other subcompacts. They become much larger, heavier cars. Including the 1200's archrival Toyota Corolla. And especially the Datsun 1200 (B110) direct descendent, the Nissan Sentra (B14) -- it's just huge compared to the original!

But now ... the small cars are making a comeback:
  • Honda recently introduced the Fit
  • Nissan just came out with the Versa
  • Toyota redesigned the Yaris

Is it time for you to get a small, fuel efficient car? 30 MPG? That's nothing. If it doesn't get at least 40mpg, it's a gas hog. Why even the mid-size 2007 Camry (as big as a 1968 Chevelle) gets 31 mpg highway. And it's as fast as that V8-powered Chevelle, ripping off a 15-second quarter mile.


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