Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fill 'er Up

It's been about three weeks since I last went to the gasoline station.

My 1200 gets 38mpg highway, and probably 28 going back and forth to work. All I know is today I got down below the "E" so went to the filling station on the way home from work. I almost forgot what the experience was like! Wow, the price has dropped a lot, seems like it's about 70 cents/gallon cheaper than before.


Blogger odemoto said...

My 1200 is a 1973, lowered, full cage, set up for Bonneville Salt or the So Cal Dry Lakes. Need to re-route the main fuel line due to a rules change and had probably a gallon of gas in the fuel cell. With a fairly stock but warmed over A-12 running a modified Hitachi carb I can't seem to run it out of gas so I can do the work! Talk about an economical race car......

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